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Wind Gap, PA 18091

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About Us

Who are we? We are Right Pedal Auto Sales, Inc; A fully licensed and bonded auto dealer in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania. We are a small family dealership with little overhead. We don’t have fancy leather couches, cappuccino machines, black & white checkerboard floors, or a 100,000 square foot facility. Who do you think pays for all that fancy stuff at those large dealerships? YOU DO!! The customer!! It’s that simple: With keeping our overhead low, we pass the savings onto YOU!

My name is Clint Knoble. Plain and simple, I've been a car guy since day one. Some kids carry around a blankie or teddy bear. I carried around a Die Cast 1969 Dodge Charger. I knew early on that cars, mostly with the pedal on the right, were in my blood, and addiction I couldn't shake. Starting in the auto industry in 1996, and licensed since 2003, still wake up everyday loving the car hobby.

Whats the difference in buying from a small dealership like us opposed to one of those big places with 100's of cars in inventory?? You're dealing directly with me. You're not passed off from a secretary transferring your call to an internet manager or salesman that has to look at a stock number to even know what vehicle you're talking about. You wont get a sales pitch. Like I said, I'm a car guy. I buy what I like. Drive them. Enjoy them. Take to car shows or cruise nights just like you would. I get to know the cars on a different level. I typically put at least a few hundred or more on every car before its offered for sale. Every car has bugs, quirks, issues. I try to work them out before hand so you don't have to. If its got an issue, I address it. And I own every vehicle offered for sale.

Every car has a story.... the way it drives... the way it handles around a curve... the way the exhaust sounds or the smell of the interior... Give me a call anytime and I will be happy to share the story of the car that has peeked your interest.